Legal guide to gambling in Canada

Some have called this a bit of a hazy area and view point over the years. Why? Because there is no concrete answer we can give you on the legality of gambling in Canada, with folk on either side of the fence on the matter.

It is important to note though, that although hazy, this is one area that has not seen anybody being prosecuted for it in terms of their involvement in the industry due to gambling at a casino online. One thing that is clear is the fact that gambling definitely is illegal however when the operation of an online casino in Canada does not have the correct approval procedures followed and licenses approved. Some have raised their hand up and threatened prosecution but nothing has stuck. Therefore, for now, and in the foreseeable future as experts are predicting that gambling will remain one of those cloudy areas in which prosecution will not be an issue.

What laws apply to the gambling industry?

As of until the late 1960’s, gambling as a whole was considered illegal. Fast forward over 50 years into the future and the mobile online casino landscape is vastly different with government not paying as much attention to the industry.

It must be made apparent though that each province is governed by its own set of rules and laws.

There are various forms of gambling that take place and again due to each province’s set of rules, what is prosecuted and what isn’t may vary depending on games like Bingo, Sports Betting, Horse Race and Raffles.

How have the laws within Canada over online gambling changed?

With individual control and governance given to each province in Canada, it is difficult to say how quality or efficiency has changed over the years. Either way, the popularity of gambling in Canada has not only remained but also increased substantially. Casinos are however monitored frequently by independent watch dogs and audited to make sure everything is above board, nothing is untoward and all records are clean.

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The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Located within the Quebec region, The Kahnawake Mohawk Territory remains one of the biggest jurisdictions for granting online gambling licenses under its Kahnawake Gaming Commission since 1999.

Together with online gambling, licenses are also granted for sports book sites as well as other bingo and poker rooms online.

Licenses by the Gaming Commission are handed out to only those casinos and the likes adhering to a strict set of rules set out by the Commission.

The four varying licenses that can be issued:

  • Key Person License
  • Secondary Client Provider Authorization
  • Interactive Gaming License
  • Client Provider Authorization

After the rules and regulations have been met by the online casino applying for its casino license through the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, this serves as an indication of the casino’s fair and fully integrated setting in which all players will receive safe and secure gambling.

Are your mobile casino winnings taxable?

According to State Law within Canada, mobile online casino gambling winnings are not taxable, unless otherwise gained through a business contract. What this means for you as a player at one of the casinos recommended on is that you will not be taxed on your winnings made at any of them. The only instance where tax is implemented is when you are deemed a professional gambler.

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