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Blackjack is an age old game with all the modern manifestations of quality and superior technology to guide blackjack into the future. Thankfully with smartphones on iOS, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry, players can access blackjack at mobile casino sites from wherever they are in the world. All you need to do is pay a visit to some of our chosen mobile online casino websites or grab the apps from the relevant stores.

The history of Blackjack has been left to many interpretations but the one standard explanation is that a short story written in the early 17th century states that the game of “twenty-one” has its origins lying in both Spain and France, where in places like Seville, men considered to be cheaters would profit on their cheating ways at "Veintiuna" (Spanish for twenty-one), where the objective of the game was to reach the 21 points without going bust and losing to the dealer. Although the basics may have changed, the premise remains the same – reach 21 without going bust and claim the mobile blackjack 21 victory.


How to play blackjack

The concept of competing in online blackjack is a very simple one to comprehend, and taking on the dealer in blackjack at mobile casino sites is easier than you think.

You have the choice as to what to do with the cards you have been dealt:

  • Hit: Receive another card
  • Stand: Remain on the amount of cards you have – no more cards are given.
  • Double down: Choose to increase the bet to a maximum of double the existing bet with the addition of receiving one more card.
  • Split: When cards have the same value, players can choose to split cards. The bet can be doubled and each card is considered the first card in a new hand.
  • Surrender: Sacrifice half your bet and give up the hand of cards you have received, as players may feel that those are not winning cards.

With the advantage of being able to view the dealer’s single card, players must then make an estimated calculation as to the value of the facedown card being 10. The reason being is that, 4 out of the 13 denominations of cards available in a deck have a value of 10, these include the 10, jacks, queens and kings. Therefore, 10 will most likely be the value of the facedown card. From this deduction players can conclude that with a face card of 7 for example, the dealers cards will total 17, thus standing on his card total will result in the player hitting on a total of 16 that they may have.

Different types of blackjack casino games

The game of Blackjack has been transformed from the ancient streets of Seville to the technologically advanced mobile casino blackjack stage. Games you can look forward to:

  • Single hand Blackjack
  • Multi hand Blackjack
  • Gold series Blackjack

The style and lay-out of each game has an individualistic character and design about it that gives the online player a unique online gaming experience with each real money online blackjack game.

Best bets when playing online blackjack

Betting is a process that the player has solely at their discretion, as to whether to bet, each mobile casino blackjack game has varying minimum bet requirement for players to look out for. Betting is really easy and for those players feeling more adventurous with a bit of lady luck’s charm on their side, can choose to bet more on a blackjack hand – players must remember though, that the more they bet, if they are lucky enough to beat the dealer, the more blackjack casino winnings they will receive.

Beginner’s strategy

Players are encouraged to familiarise themselves with all the online blackjack rules before the game begins, as well as keep things simple when attempting to beat the dealer in the race for the number 21 by starting with the basics:

  • Take a hit on any blackjack hand lower than 17, when after the dealer (who is forced to hit) takes a card and the dealer shows a 10 value card unlikely to make him bust. The chances of a player winning on any hand with a value of less than 16 are very slim and it is recommended that a hit be taken.
  • Also useful to know is that it may be the better option to stand on any hand where the value of the cards is above 11 when the dealer deals himself a card with the value being 4, 5 or 6. This is generally conceived as the dealer having the potential to go bust more than 40% of the time on the next hit – resulting in a win for players.
  • By taking the chance and “Doubling Down”, players are in essence, doubling their bet and thus receiving an additional card when a player believes that the dealer can be beaten by this move within the blackjack game. When Doubling Down, double with 10 against a value of 9 or lower, and with a card hand value of 11.
  • When there is the option of splitting the cards, it is urged to players they not split cards of 10 or 5, rather spilt on an 8 or 7 against the dealers hand with a lower or equal to value.
  • Most definitely, split on an ace, regardless of the dealer’s card value.
  • Stand on a card value of 13 to 16, when the dealers hand has a value of 6 or lower.
  • Stand on a hard 12 if the dealer’s cards are showing a 4, 5 or a value of 6.
  • Hit a hard 12 if the dealer’s cards are showing a 2, 3, 7 or higher value.

So sit back and relax because we at have found you the best places to play blackjack mobile casino games on the internet!