2024's Top Devices For Mobile Casino Games

Whether on tablet or smartphone, mobile casino gaming is huge in Canada, and players have come to expect mobile apps and games that provide a good range of slots, poker, roulette and blackjack alongside a great cash bonus amount to boost their bankroll. iOS and Android apps mean that mobile online casino games are very easy to sign up for on a host of Apple and Samsung devices, and Windows Phone and Blackberry mobile casino gamers will have no trouble playing in browser on HTML based mobile sites.

The team has shortlisted the top mobile casinos for devices popular in Canada. Here you will find apps and games that are easy to use, great to play, and all with a smooth cashout experience with any of Canada's popular banking options.

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  • Get tips on which casino online your mobile device can play in browser

All of this will help you get to playing that much quicker.

The best smartphones and tablet devices for mobile casino gaming are those most popular in Canada: Windows, Apple products including iPad and iPhone, and Blackberry and Android devices.


Windows dubbed their mobile offering as “the world’s most personal smartphone”, making a product that is both innovative yet affordable to everyone’s budget, claiming that each of their Windows mobiles are unique and can be tailored around your needs as a user.

Specs on Windows mobile phones and how it benefits online casino games play:

  • You can personalize it: by arranging the Start screen tiles. So if you have downloaded a casino app, you can have it front and center of your screen.
  • Live tiles: These can be pinned to your Start Screen, giving you real-time updates on what you want to know is happening at your favourite casino.
  • Word Flow Keyboard: Claimed to be the world’s fastest keyboard using shape writing and glide touch technology, giving faster and more exciting game time.
  • Action Centre: Through just one swipe, you can check notifications and texts received by the casino.
  • Windows Phone Store: Makes it easy to locate the casino app (if you choose the download option).
  • Email: Have 24/7 access to your inbox to stay connected to the casino and any special offers or breaking news they would like to share with you.


Apple was incorporated in 1977, and since has grown into one of the most recognizable multinational technology companies.

Two Apple products that give you access to mobile online casino games: The iPad and the iPhone


The iPad, which runs off a modified version of iOS, offers multi-touch interaction and easy access to mobile apps through the App Store, including that of any top mobile casino. If you prefer to play via your browser, iPads use the web browser, Safari.

Because of the screen size for the iPad, mobile casino app players can easily enjoy multitable tournaments and a range of player tools that are easy to navigate. The software and visuals will also look very sharp on an online casino mobile app or site, thanks to Apple's retina display.


The first generation iPhone was launched in 2007, with its latest version the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ dominating markets. Although a bit bigger than other mobiles, the iPhone 6 gives you full coverage of the games on offer, showcasing the impressive graphics and functionality to perfection.

At any online casino with a mobile app, the iPhone is a powerful gaming tool for players. Usually a top mobile casino has iOS apps that provide a sophisticated casino experience on the smartphone, allowing players to access a good range of games as well as the casinos' best bonus offers.


These wireless handheld devices offer great casino play through its user interface that is specific to your needs, depending on the model you choose.

You can use your BlackBerry at any mobile online casino in Canada. While not every site offers an app for the device, you can easily access a mobile casino BlackBerry smartphones and Playbook tablets via in browser games. Top casino sites built with HTML5 are easily playable in your device's browser, and many of Canada's top internet casinos offer a comprehensive range of games on their mobile sites.

Blackberry models you can choose: The Passport, Classic and the Z30.


In terms of sheer visitor numbers, there are so many devices powered by Android on mobile casino sites in Canada. The operating system provides the perfect player experience for slots and casino games, and all of the top sites have perfected Android apps for online casino gaming on mobile. Whether you are using a smartphone or tablet, Android mobile casino gaming is a great way to enjoy your favourite table games, make easy cash deposits and withdrawals, and take advantage of a good selection of bonuses and promotions as a player.

There are a lot of mobiles that use Android technology, and here is a list of which ones work best with real money mobile online casinos.

  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha: OS: Android 5; Screen size: 4.7-inch; Resolution: 1280 x 720; Memory: 2GB; Storage: 32GB; Battery: 1860mAh
  • HTC One Mini 2: OS: Android 4.4; Screen size: 4.5-inch; Resolution: 1280 x 720; Memory: 1GB; Storage: 16GB; Battery: 2110mAh.
  • Sony Xperia Z3: OS: Android 5; Screen size: 5.15-inch; Resolution: 1920 x 1080; Memory: 3GB; Storage: 16GB/32GB; Battery: 3100mAh.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: OS: Android 5; Screen size: 5.1-inch; Resolution: 1440 x 2560; Memory: 3GB; Storage: 32GB/64GB/128GB; Battery: 2550mAh.
  • LG G4: OS: Android 5.1; Screen size: 5.5-inch; Resolution: 2560 x 1440; Memory: 3GB; Storage: 32GB; Battery: removable 3000mAh.

For the download version of a real money mobile casino, the Google Play store has all the options in a user-friendly format.

We have found you the best places to play mobile casino games right here at MobileCasino.ca. Keep reading to find out all the best mobile tips and tricks you can use for your mobile device.